broken stairsteps

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broken stairsteps

Post by Chara » Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:20 pm

Unfortunedly the steps of the stair to the cabi of my d385 broke due to a fall I the boat had it fixed temporary but need to
fix it so it looks well again, I know they use maobi wood, but that's hard to find. Any one with similar problem and good solution ?
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Re: broken stairsteps

Post by TimOnders » Mon Apr 20, 2020 4:52 am

Unfortunately, the wood Dufour uses for the steps has very straight grain, and thus not a lot of strength.

We are still working on a "best" solution, but the two we've tried so far which seem to work reasonably well are either:
A) Creating a laminated wood step where the grain runs both directions. Kind of like plywood, this provides more strength than solid wood. Unfortunately, it's harder to do with those curved steps (the D34 has flat steps). Our replacements used Oak stained to match the Moabi (African Pearwood is very difficult to find on the west coast of the US).

B) Embedding a reinforcing structure into the step - I haven't finished this project yet, but I have some small stainless box tubing which can be hidden into the underside of a step (again, the flat steps on the D34 are easier to rework than the curved steps on the Grand Larges).

If you just replace the step, it will break again.


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