Spinnaker Boom Traveller - Duf 34

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Spinnaker Boom Traveller - Duf 34

Post by source » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:00 pm

Hi guys,
actually my Dufour 34 has a Gennaker but for the next season I would like to buy a Spinnaker. I have two doubts:

- do I need a spinnaker boom traveller on the mast or the boom position is fixed?

- for that kind of boat is sufficient to have a circuit with only one sheet per side (and using a barber)?

Thank You all
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Post by patxikiter » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:34 pm

Hi mate
I love D34 but i have a D385. I do not use a traveller for spirit pole.I guess it depends of the length of the pole. If you have oficial rating or a Race Measurer who can optimize it would be better.

i have two rope on each side and also barbers, my rating measurer told me that for big boats it´s easier with two ropes on each side. My spinnaker is also about 97 sq meter.

At this post you can see some pics of the boat

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Post by Benno » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:55 pm

hi, I sail a D40P. practicly the same but a bit bigger.
I use a carbon pool on a masttrack. Depending on the wind force and edge of the wind, the pool will be higher or lower.

I also use double sheeting.
1. The sheet, that gomes from the back and outside the scepter to the spi
2. The guy which goes inside to the middle of the boat, there I have a block mounted, and from there to the spi.
i don't use barberholers.
In use the luff sheet will always be the guy and the lee sheet the sheet.

If you prefer single sheeting you need a barberholer and your spinnaker sheet will always be at the inside of the scepters. for a barberholer you also need 2 blocks, one on the deck and one at the end of the barberholer line, and a jammer to fix the barberholerline. complicated en more expensive.
Benno Kleerekoper

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