Water Tank Capacities

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Water Tank Capacities

Post by davel » Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:58 am

Can anyone advise me what the individual capacity of each of the fore and aft water tanks on the 425 is. I can't find any documentation on this,although that may just be incompetence.

On a related topic it looks like our tank capacity indicator gauge has been wired up in reverse, with the tank 1 switch showing the aft tank level and tank 2 the forward tank. If you lift the forward mattress the tank is marked as being tank 1 which seems the logical thing for it to be. Is anyone elses like this or are we "special" ?

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Post by Jh001 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:35 pm

Hi Davel

How's the boat going?

I've exactly the same issue with my boat, tank ass about face on the gauge, dosn't seem to be any easy fix on the back of the gauge but guess it must be possible.

I've had quite an issue with the bulkhead just infront of the sink, the joint between the two sections slipped which was quite apparent when looking at the silicone seal o the the woktop and deckhead/bulkhead joint.

To be fair the guys at Marco had a technician from France sort the problem which was basically tightening ot the chainplate tensioner below decks, he did however take a lump out of the gelcoat on the deck but no matter, an easy fix.. He was agood guy so no fuss.

Apart from that no major issues apart from very loose stantion which the Frenchie fixed - top bloke :)

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