Listing to Port problem

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Listing to Port problem

Post by davel » Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:07 am

Just wondering if it is normal for a 425 to list to port quite noticeably when all water and fuel tanks are full. Ours only gets close to being upright if fuel is full and the aft water tank empty. We have checked the obvious that the boat does not have too much grog (or other equipment) loaded on the port side ! If it's not normal are there any ideas as to what may be causing this annoying feature

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Post by ktpriv » Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:37 am

My 385 has the same problem (but to stb) and is only upright when the aft water tank is empty and fuel is full. A similar boat lying next door does not have the same problem. I have not fully understand why, but one possible explanation could be that mine lacks the second toilet (which probably adds weight to the stb side). The preferable solution is a) to move some of the existing mass to stb side, alternatively b) add additional mass.

For a) alternatives include:
- force the anchor chain to the stb side in the front bin (probably will have litte effect since it still will be close to the centre axis
- move batteries to stb side
- move front water tank to the space under the front bed

For b) alternatives include:
- add an additional water tank (under the bed in front cabin)
- add additional batteries
- add an anchor winch with chain aft
- add just lead, beer or sand on stb side as ballast

Views or proposals?

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Post by davel » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:20 am

Adding beer sounds like an exceptional plan, trouble is after paying for the boat and all associated ongoing costs I can't afford enough, or more correctly, can't keep up the supply. It constantly evaporates leaving the boat listing, and it's very annoying.
I assume your aft tank is on the starboard side, hence the opposite lean. I have tried moving equipment around to no avail, so am now at a loss. The dealer has suggested the possibility that either the mast has not been centred correctly (which does not appear to be the case to me) or that the keel is somehow misaligned, another one I would have thought very difficult to get wrong, but to their credit they have promised to investigate and fix it some time later (they are based about 1000km away, so it takes time)
As far as I can tell there's no room for any extra tanks fore or aft, but maybe I should look again as more fuel, particularly, would be a welcome addition.
If anything useful comes from all of this I'll post the information. In the meantime keep the suggestions coming and keep working on the beer solution. If nothing else it may make us oblivious to the lean

Martin Bølgen
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Post by Martin Bølgen » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:18 pm

Have the same problem: Heeling a little to port... I think that it has to do with the keel mounting... It's not precision work. The reason that I believe this is because it looked a little to the port last time the boat was out of sea. I will, sooner or later, mount some weight (batteries etc.) under the saloon... I don't look at this as a big problem..

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