405GL 2 years Experience

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405GL 2 years Experience

Post by Henri PICARD » Thu May 24, 2012 1:02 pm

Hi Everybody,
Owner of a 405GL (2010, 5000Nm at the log) which is my 12th sailing boat, I think it could be interesting to inform about some problems we have encountered.
But I want first to mention that the 405GL is a very well designed boat, both on a navigational and accomodation point of view giving much pleasure.
In a separate post I have already described an alarming problem of water leak (posted today 24/05/2012 in "Grand Large technical issues").
A part of that we have had some other problems which are now almost fixed:
- Stanchion base leaking
- Fore Pulpit stanchion nut coming loose
- Door pannels sides delaminating (doors replaced under warranty)
- Poor toilet tubing design (wc outlet always goes through the holding tank). This should be improved with a 3 way valve.
- Holding tank outlet stopped several times
- Toilet outlet valves very hard to turn, replaced under warranty
- Poor quality of deck hatches fittings
- Several freshwater connections to be fixed after leakage (ss rings on fittings coming loose)
- Spinnaker block broken (the one fitted about 50cm below the mast top)
That's it for now. Thus some minor problems but which should not appear on an ideal boat.
Looking forward to other 405 owners experience.

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