2 problems with GL410

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2 problems with GL410

Post by JBWelna » Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:08 pm

I have a 2014 GL 410 that has 2 problems that I would like to address this year. I am hoping someone has had some experience with either of these two issues.

Both Lewmar opening portlights have leaked since year two in very heavy rain. The seals pass the paper test, and they have been lubricated with no luck. I am thinking the gasket between the window outer frame and the portion of the plexiglass through which it passes has become compromised. Has anyone taken one of these windows off before? Any idea what the gasketing material is?

The GL410 does not have cabin top rails, but rather plexiglass light bars in their place. It's kind of stupid and likely violates navigation laws if you turn them on while sailing. The light bars are currently starting to separate off from the cabin top. It looks like the rails are stuck on with butyl tape, as there is this sticky white goo starting to leach out from around the edge of the light bar. I always used the light bar for a handhold going forward thinking it was alternatively a hand rail. I won't be doing that any more. Has anybody dealt with this issue on a 410? Any idea what this goop might be, tape, failed sealant, etc?

Any advice or insight greatly appreciated.

Joe Welna

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