Inner Forestay

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Inner Forestay

Post by Puddle Sailor » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:59 am

I'm considering to add a inner forestay to my Dufour 385GL as I note that there is a fitting in place on the mast.

Can anyone that has added a cutter stay inform about if it is necessary to also add some stay going backwards to compensate for the forward pull in the top of the mast.

Do you park it by the mast or on the side of the boat? What is it like to have the forestay in the park position when not in use? Will it interfere with anything? Is the stay stretched out in the parking position in the from of the sheet track or is it then a loose item that is moving around?

When tightening the forestay for sailing. How do you know how hard to set it?

I'm considering to add a furling genua on the new inner forestay. The plan is that it can be minimized to a storm jib. Has anyone tried this?

Have you seen any cracks due to overload on the deck resulting from the pull of the extra stay?
(Should I consider reinforcing the deck before installing an inner forestay?)

Is there anything you would have done differently if installing an inner forestay on another boat?

I would greatly appreciate if you can take you time to answer so that I can get my planned installation right.

Photos will be appreciated.
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