Air in fresh water lines

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Puddle Sailor
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Air in fresh water lines

Post by Puddle Sailor » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:53 pm

I have issues with air in the hoses from the fresh water tanks. The pump is not capable to empty the lines from air until water comes.

I need to put pressure on each tank while the pump is running to finally get water through. I have achieved pressure either by the dinghy air filling pump or by a water hose from land. I'm OK with this for the season start, but the problem is that I get air in the water lines multiple times during the season.

When the boat is leaning a lot or if the there are big waves then I can hear the waterpump that starts to run dry. Is there something I can do to get way from the problem except for turning off the water pump power in heavy weather?

The difficulty in getting water to run in the lines during the season may have something to do with the with the freshwater heater that is heater by cooling water from the motor building up pressure after the pump.Should I redo the pumping in some way to avoid back pressure?

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Re: Air in fresh water lines

Post by Benno » Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:23 pm

i don't know what type of boat you have.
but if you have 2 watertanks and for both tanks the water supply-valve is open, you will have this problem.
allways take care that one of the watersupply walves is closed.
Benno Kleerekoper

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