new 40 E

Seeking advice for a project or do you want to share the outcome of one? Various technical tips and questions.
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new 40 E

Post by Roorda » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:21 pm

I signed a sales contract in December 2013 and vessel will be supplied in April/Mai 2014. Version with dynamic package. Also I#m looking forward strongly to coming Mai. I have following questions:
1. Is there anybody who has the owners manual and can send me a copy incl electric circuitry.
2. Also I ordered a cockpit table, but it seems that nobody at Dufour has a picture nor a drwawing. Who has one and can sedn me a photograph. Are you happy with it?
3. The position of the compass is close (appr. 30 cm) to the readers of the wind and log. Do you have a large deviation in the compass reading?
4. Do somebody have the I and J dimensions of thiis 40 E with tall mast?
5. Can anybody inform me what to watch especially on delivery, what "bad" experiences do you have had?

Looking forward to your experiences and information.


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