An introduction and quest for knowledge

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An introduction and quest for knowledge

Post by davel » Sun Feb 03, 2008 5:37 am

Being the first to nominate a 425 as our boat of choice led to being press ganged (in the nicest possible way) into being moderator of this forum. That means we now have two matters on which we are quite inexpert. Moderating and Sailing.

Whilst we've both done a bit of dinghy (a long time ago) and bare boat sailing (nowhere near enough) the only thing achieved is to develop a notion that going further afield might be something we'd like, which has led us to 'invest' in a new 425. It's due to leave La Rochelle on Feb 4 2008 and arrive in Sydney in the middle of March, and ultimately to be fitted up and delivered to our home port in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia by the end of April, and then the fun begins.

Anyone with any experience with a 425 and willing or able to give us novices any tips would be most welcome to do so. Any positive reinforcement of our choice of boat would also be good, but if there's any bad habits or things to watch out for then we'd also like know of them so we are forearmed.

Looking forward to any contributions

Rae Percival (her) and Dave Laughton (him)

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